Kingdoms and other regions

The campaign takes place on the continent of Tharmia. The area of Tharmia which is known to the society the players are a part of has been mapped. There is land outside the area given, both on Tharmia itself, and additional landmasses and continents that may or may not visible. This land area can be split into Kingdoms

Cathoc – A peninsula from the next continent over lying close enough to the current area to be relevant. The area we call Cathoc is an independent kingdom. Little is known about Cathoc by the middle kingdoms, save its location.

Perth – A somewhat secretive nation, that interacts minimally with the Middle Kingdoms, Perth is on the Western edge of Tharmia

The Middle Kingdoms – Including Arthros, Lethnurel, and Sarmol, the Middle Kingdoms frequently interact with each other, and have a well known shared history, religion and culture. As the Isle of Qua ‘Nien is governed by Arthros, it is , to an extent, considered part of the middle kingdoms. While Geographically contained within their area, and officially held by Arthros and Lethnurel, the Forest of Hain Walensproc’s primary denizens are Elven, not human, so the extent to which these elements affect society in the forest is limited.

The Forest of Hain Walensproc – Home to the Elves, and the mythological seat of Aliturmia’s power, the Forest of Hain Walensproc is sacred to many races. Within the forest, the Elves have immense power. Attempts by humans and other lower races to exert greater control over the forest have never ended well in the past.

Rekarst – The loosely organized kingdom of Rekarst is isolated, separated from the other kingdoms by the Desert of Sol Kadash. Most Rekarst’s people are in loosely organized nomadic tribes, rather than answering to any formal government.

The Southern islands – The Southern Islands lie to the southwest of the Perisian gulf, off the map. They trade sparingly with Arthros, but are a strange culture. Communication with the Southern islands is greatly limited.


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