The City of Renalo
Patron Deity: [If Applicable]
Location: Isle of Qua 'Nien, Arthros

Status: Peacetime

Renalo is the only major city on the Isle of Qua Nien. Like the rest of Qua Nien, it falls under Arthrosian control. Unlike other cities in the Middle Kingdoms, Renalo is almost exclusively populated by high class academic types, and the people needed to support them and their studies. There are remarkably few poor lining the streets. What few jobless might arise are quickly swept up by the Holy Orders of Ludmeria and Trimirum, both of which are headquartered in Renalo. Followers of Luxoritus, Viverna, Aliturmia, and Pinxi are also fairly common on the island, though not nearly to the extent of the presence from Trimirum and Ludmeria's congregations.

Table of Contents

Campus Center

Near the center of the city, rather than a Palace or square is a huge academic campus, The University Diaphrax. Diaphrax itself is split into numerous, ever bickering colleges of varying prestige from the ever powerful Academy of Energy and Impulse to the minor School of Metallurgical Studies. Each academic is, of course, convinced their field is of utmost importance. While on the surface, relations are quite polite between the various colleges, and indeed, academic collaboration is quite common, there is a deep seated contempt between most schools and any other tangentially related colleges within the university, as all colleges have an ambition to take the place of the very highest, The Institute for Interplanar studies, The College of Evocationary arts, and the School of Arcanalogical Pursuits.

Library Etherial

Off to the North of campus center lies the Library Ethereal, a collaborative project between the many feuding groups to create a single building housing all the world's knowledge. Managed by the Cartographer's Guild and Taxonomic Association, the Library Ethereal is organized rather uniquely. While the first few floors contain generalized reference texts on most every subject imaginable, these books only refer to frequently accessed information, and often duplicate each other's content to a greater or lesser extent. For general education, this is efficient, but for highly specific queries, one is best served by the twelfth floor. The Twelfth, and top floor of the Library Ethereal is far taller than all others combined, and contains it's magnum opus. Here, all knowledge is carefully and meticulously organized into 'trees,' Each of the more than 100 trees in the library refers to a very broad topic, one whose scope just barely falls between the adjacent trees. Each tree is then split into branches dividing the broad subject matter further. These branches themselves are split into their own branches and so on, until one's seach has been so refined as to be easily described. Oftentimes, these branches bring the query out of the scope of lower branches, or even the parent tree entirely. In this case, hanging baskets are provided to transport the seeker to the relevant area of the libarary. At the various intersections, or at the very ceiling of the great floor lies the target of one's search. This floor is home to roughly a million scrolls. The goal of floor 12 is to house every single piece of knowledge ever discovered by a Diaphrax academic. Each bit of knowledge is cointained exactly once within this massive construction- The presence of duplicates would greatly increase the amount of material to be classified, and the already enormous maintenance required by the various colleges focused on the Library. Indeed, while the Taxonomic Association and Cartographer's Guild nominally control the Library Ethereal, and, due to their relatively large size, perform the majority of the work in it, several schools such as the College of Literative Restoritory Studies, The School of Display Sciences and the Taxonomic Association itself were founded for the sole purpose of assisting in the day to day operations of the library, endlessly categorizing, copying, repairing, and searching the contents of the trees.

Natural Formations

The Crystal Ponds:

Sufficiently NorthEast of the library to be free of most of the major academic buildings are the Crystal Ponds. Like many of the natural wonders to be found on Qua 'Nien, These unique structures used as an object of study. These natural pools seem to have no fish of any variety to break the calm of their surfaces. Their banks are made purely of a brilliant blue crystal, unheard of anywhere else in the world. Despite the waters unnatural stillness, and impressive purity, the water seems to have no bottom. What is by far the most interesting, however, is seeing these pools at night. In maximum darkness, only when the moon is new, one can see the waters glow strongly. Their light pulsating from a fine and modest shimmer, to as bright as a hunter's moon. It is not a propery of the crystals, but of the water itself.

The Grand Rookery:

To the East of the Crystal ponds is the Grand Rookery. The College of Avaitory Studies performs a good amount of its research on natural flight here. While their collection lacks most of the more fantastic creatures or naturally flying monsters, almost every known variety of common bird can be found here, as well as some rather… unusual experiements on magicless flight, none of which would seem to be very successful. Instructors here long for the days, many years ago, when it is said the rookery was considerably more exotic. Many would pay top coin for a Roc Egg, or other such goods.

Van Martael Gardens

Between these two temple districts lies perhaps the only quiet you will find in the city, the Van Martael Gardens. The serene trees, the (thankfully normal) ponds, and patches of flowers can be described only as serene. Academic discussion, while once allowed in the gardens, is now strictly prohibited, thanks to too many cases of heated debates distrubing other users of the space.


Market/Port District:

South of the  campus center, away from the colleges lies the port and market districts. While the Mercantile Studies institute seems ever fascinated with the goings on here, most of the denezins ofthis part of the city are just trying to live their lives, and pay little heed to the academics around them. When asked, most would doubtless say that the scholars have their heads in the clouds,and are unable to pay attention to the pressing concerns of life. They do, however, pay handsomly,and are tolerated as a result. Also South of the main campus lies not one, but two temple districts. The East dedicated to Ludmeria, the West to Trimirum. The Sisters of Knowledge, Ludmeria's most devout order of followers are based here. They refuse to take an active role in any Diaphrax duties, despite their devotion to the furthering of knowledge. This is because they resent the foolishness and competative nature of the University, seeing it as a great hinderance to their holy cause.

Artist's Quarter:

Finally, to the NorthWest of the Library Etherial, far away from the rest of the city, lies the Artist's quarter. Here, followers of Pinxi compete for their lord's favor, as well as those less religiously inspired. Like in Diaphrax proper, there is considerable competition among them, but none to the extent of the poets. To the northwest lies a small secondary market supplying this area offering, in addition to the normal amenities, a good amount of artistic supplies

Commune of Everlasting Fire

The Commune of Everlasting Fire, while not based in Renalo, does have a major following in the Temple district dedicated to Trimirum's glory in west Renalo. Many of the Commune that find themselves in Renalo tend to be those with more extreme view than many in the normally quite respectable organization. These few hold true the dangerous idea that sufficient magical power can transcend any form of academic advancement. They therefore seek to force scholars not pursuing such power out of the institutions elsewhere in the city, as to better use the vast facilities available. More moderate members of the Commune recognize the power in weaving knowledge of the world around them into the incantations they cast in their patron's honor.


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