Patron Deity: Procellic
Location: Arthros

Industries: Shipping, Fishing, Smuggling 

Mayor: Waylon Golthrump

Spalmar is an Arthrosian city located ath the southern tip of the western tooth in Tharmia. It specializes in fishing and trading, and it's docks connect Tharmia to continents beyond the horizon. It's new mayor Waylon Golthrump promised large changes to the shipping port and the large city behind it.



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Gate Guadians

Caravans from all over the middle kingdoms will know Spalmar. If not by name, then by the large ornate sculptures that greet all travelers to the city at the front gates. One of which is Procellic, god of the sea and guardian of the fishermen. Opposite of it is the giant king Uragan, who stole lightning and controlled the storms, allowing the giants to travel far and wide, far from Tharmia.

The Rouge's Rest

One only has to walk a few paces into the walls before they're treaded by the city's crown jewel, The Rouge's Rest. Ask any trader from the region, they may not remember seeing the nautical museum, or seeing the large shipyards, or even what they were selling, but every one of them will be able to tell you about the days they've spent at the rouge's rest. This large tavern has been standing since the founding of Spalmar, back in the last days of the old kingdom. The first floor is home to the bar room and stables, while the second floor provides travelers a place to spend the night. Due to the nature of the surrounding area, if one asks the right people, mostly anything can be delivered to one's room. Mead, Food, Stem, Women, Men, anything at all.



East of the Rouge's Rest is the residential district. This is where the fishermen of Spalmar live while home from the sea. These men do their best to keep families in this town, but with the state of things outside the inner walls, gangs and crime end up destroying many young lives. Many citizens have raised concerns to the mayor, but have seldom heard back from him. Recently, complaints have been given to Verwin Quietleaf, the innkeeper at the Rouge's Rest. Him being one of the oldest, and most active residents of Spalmar, he has the connections to make changes that even the mayor couldn't make.

Inner Gate

Keep south on the main road to find the entrance to the inner walls. Many people commute to and from these walls every day. Nevertheless, the mayor, Waylon Golthrump has made sure that this entrance is very heavily guarded and patrolled. The large smuggling business hurts the city's revenue stream by bypassing it's rather large import and export taxes. Inside the inner walls is a much different setting from the outer walls. Where there was crime and danger, is lawfulness and efficiency. The guards keep a close watch on the traders through all the chaos. In every direction, there's something going on. Sailors, shore men, traders, fishermen, all running around, trading, checking hauls, discussing weather patterns, and anything else you can imagine would happen in the land's biggest harbor. Along the western wall, traders' stalls are neatly arranged, allowing traders from across the sea barter for their exotic goods. The traders in these stalls will reject most forms of Tharmia currency, and will ask for either gold or some object of tangible value.

Scale House

Along the southern shore, and the entrances to the docks, is the main scale house, where fishermen and sea traders will weigh their haul and get notarized reports for either their own records or to be sent to their supervisors. This is often the most congested building in the inner walls, and is in desperate need of renovation.

Government Buildings

Further west from them is the government capital and office of the mayor, as well as the bridge crossing the river Luhlon. The capital is split in two buildings on either side of the river. They make sure that nothing illegal and unauthorized comes in and out of the river's mouth. The mayor's office sits in the back of the western building, along the outer wall.


Across the river lies Spalmar's shipyards, where damaged ships come to get new life and shine breathed into them. Spalmar's master technicians can take a stripped down boat and pump out a galleon in a matter of days. The only downside is the price one pays for such a luxurious premium. Ask any of their loyal customers and they'll tell you how it's worth every single penny. Some even say that there's magic in their boats afterwards, and how it can traverse the fiercest storms.


Lastly are the warehouses. A city like Spalmar can't survive if they don't have an efficient way of storing their goods while waiting for purchase. Northwest of the Nuhlon, there are three connected buildings which store all of the goods brought into the city. The secret to making the warehouses efficient and practical is the small elvish workforce using ice magic to keep the food and perishables fresh for months at a time. The first floor of each building is actually raised above the ground, to keep groundwater and pests out of the storehouse. Each building is connected via sky bridges that cross over the ground to prevent thieves entering though weak points in the building.


Heading east reveals the headquarters of Tharmia's biggest shipping companies, Serpent Lines and Bringham & Sons. These two competitors are constantly neck and neck for control over the different domestic and foreign regions. They've refined their practices to the point where they're limited by technology. The first one to finds the key to transglobal travel will champion the other out of business.


Inside the city's walls, the streets are cobbled and tiled, as the water from the sea would make the roads muddy and impassible. Some say the ornate guardians outside the walls are the only nice thing about the city. At every corner of the city is some devious act or criminal organization. The secluded nature mixed with the amount of trade and business in this city has fostered a golden age for crime and smuggling that reaches all corners of the continent. The local government chooses to ignore the burgeoning issue, and instead herds the crime inside the outer walls, while keeping heavy guard of the inner walls and shipyard.


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